Joan Where does the link go? 12-13-2011(21:43)
Hi Bob, I was going to put the link for the message board on the first page underneath the Home link. Do you have another place you want it. Thanks Joan

Joan Deleted one ... 12-13-2011(21:41)
Patty I've successfully deleted Callie's entry. It was not a problem.

Patty RE: another thought 12-13-2011(19:4)
Hi Bob, I think the "something" that connects posts is called a "thread" or a "topic thread" or "conversation thread". Joan was telling me that this is much more difficult to do. I agree it would be nice to have. However, unless we can actually get members to start using the message board, I don't know if it would be worth it. One thought might be to start with this simple one, and if it starts getting used, we could then work on grouping the posts into topics.

Bob S. Neon 12-13-2011(9:18)
Like Patty, I have no idea what a Neon card is? This would be the type of comment that leads to additonal posts to someones comment. Bob

bob s another thought 12-13-2011(9:15)
What are your thoughts on where to put this page? Would there be a "click here" thingy on the home page that would go to the message board? I did notice that to see my post I had to leave and come back. Looks good Bob

Bob S. OK so far 12-13-2011(9:10)
Hello Joan: this looks similar to the PGCA, which will be neat. Would you be able to make a "something" that will let someone comment to a post? Potentiially with this feature many could comment on the same topic. We should determine how long a message would stay. Would you have to personally remove or is there a way that after X days it "desolves"? Thanks Bob

Patty Testing 12-13-2011(7:25)
Just testing again.

Patty A RE: Neon Cards 12-13-2011(7:23)
I have never seen neon cards. Anyone else?

Joan Marie Neon cards 12-12-2011(21:52)
Does anyone have any neon cards

Patty Hello 12-12-2011(21:30) I am interested in your cat cards.

Joan Just testing 12-12-2011(21:22) I have cards to sell