Semrush Prices

Semrush What is it?

Semrush, as its name suggests, is a tool that optimizes your website for search engines.

It was started by Oleg Schchegolev, Dmitry Melnikov in 2008. According to the company, it is used by more than 7 million users, and is among the most widely used SEO tools.

 Semrush offers a wealth of information that will assist you in making your life easier.

Discover what people want on the internet

Create new web content that draws in traffic

Find link-building opportunities

You can improve the technical aspects of your website content to increase the rank of your website in search results.

Semrush, by example will give you keywords based on the keywords you’ve entered. These can be used as a guide to writing blog posts that will rank high in search engines.

It will also indicate how difficult it is to rank for certain search phrases.

It’ll recommend websites worth checking out to find backlinks.

You could conduct an SEO audit to your site to see whether technical changes could enhance search engine results.

This is just the start. There are many more features provided by Semrush to improve your site’s ranking in search results.

These will be described in greater detail in the future. These are the benefits I will talk about.

Let’s get started! Let us get started with domain analysis.

Semrush Prices

Domain analysis

 Domain analysis is the basis of most SEO projects

Domain analysis is typically done on your website to find SEO opportunities or even on your competitor’s website to determine how difficult it will be to be ranked higher in search results.

You can also do an analysis of the domain to determine if a website is worth asking the owner to link to your site. Since hyperlinks from other websites (or “backlinks”) which are related to your content could greatly enhance the site’s search engine performance.

Semrush allows domain research to be easyJust type the domain’s URL into the “domain overview” section and you’ll be able to see an immediate indicator of its search engine results.

Keyword research in Semrush

Keyword research typically is based around

It is possible to determine how many people are looking for a specific search term.

It is crucial to know how difficult it can be to be ranked for this term you are searching for.

Check out the ranking of your search term.

Receive suggestions from others

Semrush makes it easy to access all of the information you need.

Basic keyword data access

Use the ‘Keyword Overview Tool to get basic statistics on keywords within Semrush.

You’ll be able to see:

The number of searches this keyword is receiving on Google each year

Its difficulty score for its keyword

list of websites that rank for it.

Here are some keywords you could use in place

Similarly to analysis of domains, it can also done per country.

Keyword suggestions

Semrush offers “Keyword Magic” to generate keywords based on a specific keyword you’ve entered.

It would be easier for people to utilize it if its name was simply “Keyword Suggestions”. While the name “Keyword Magic” might sound a little unclear initially, once you reach this section of Semrush your life will be much easier.

There is a list of keywords related to the keyword you have entered. You can sort the keywords applying filters like:

The keyword problem

The amount of searches per keyword each month

Google Ads’ cost per click to show keywords in search results.

Overall, the keyword difficulty tool from Semrush provides all the information you need in order to make informed decisions about which keywords you should target for your SEO project.

There is the opportunity to improve. The information is available only for Google searches. It would make it more useful to have data for all other search engines.

While Google remains the most popular search engine (92% at the time Statcounter reported), there are several other search engines that are enjoying a significant share of market share in certain nations (in the US, for instance, nearly 6 percent of searches are conducted by using Bing)

Moz Ahrefs, along with other competitors, provide access to Bing data. Ahrefs offers YouTube search information that is extremely helpful for anyone producing video content.

Semrush’s Content Market Toolkit

Semrush includes keyword research tools as well as an array of content marketing toolskits (as as long as your ‘Guru’ plan is not less).

These will permit you to:

Discover new topics to discuss

SEO perspective: Audit your content.

Identify keywords your commentators are using in posts

Monitor brand mentions

The “SEO Writing Assistant” is my absolute favorite component of Semrush’s content-marketing toolkit. It lets you copy and paste content into Semrush for review. Semrush lets you create copy and provide immediate assistance.

Once you’ve done this, you will receive suggestions on ways to boost the performance of your website’s content in search results. These suggestions include encouraging you to increase or decrease your word count, recommending that you include keywords in your text, and warnings regarding material that appears to was scraped from another site.

It would be great to be able to copy and paste the URL of your site and get these suggestions. This copy/paste thing can get annoying.

Tracking rank

Position tracking, also known as rank tracking is the process of analyzing your website’s performance on search engines over time for a particular keyword.

It is very easy to set this up it is very easy to set this up in Semrush. Simply go to the section for position trackers and enter your domain name and keywords. You will get a report that shows you where your site ranks for each key wordYou can also track per-country.

You will be able to track your progress in ranking higher on the phrases you choose by adding more data to Semrush.

Semrush allows users to add data from other sites to its position tracker tool. This allows you to compare your site’s performance in terms of specific keywords over time with the results of your competition.

Finally, you will receive regular email updates about your rank tracking progress, such as email notifications telling when a piece of content is dropped from the top 10 results for a specific phrase.

Overall, Semrush’s position tracking functionality is excellent.

Analyse backlinks

 It is determined how well a website performs in search engine results based on the quantity and quality of its ‘backlinks‘.

 Semrush offers two methods of looking at backlinks. The one is using “backlink analysis” and the other is to an audit. 

Analyse backlinks

Semrush’s “Backlink Analytics” section allows you to enter a domain name to view a list all backlinks that it has found.

This section can also be viewed:

Anchor text for each backlink. Top level distribution of domains (how many,.org., Information about the IP addresses of your users. This information allows to track which domains have gained backlinks. Also, it provides an insight into the activities of competitors.

Backlink audits

 Another way to check backlinks in Semrush is to perform an audit of backlinksThis will determine the’site health’ and toxicity of backlinks to your site.

Semrush Link Building

Semrush’s link building tool is one of its most distinctive features.

Link building, which is the act of getting other websites to link to your site is the key element of any SEO project. SEO engines reward websites that have more links by giving them higher search results positionsAs long as the links originate from high-quality, relevant websites, they will span>

Semrush’s tool for link building works by

Find out about your competitors and how they rank.

Examining the content of your site

Asking you to list the keywords you’d like to rank for

It will then make a list of websites it considers worth contacting about a guest post.

SEMrush Domain prospects The tool allows you to connect your email address to Semrush, and can send an email to outreach directly from the program.

The development of each approach can be tracked using CRM.

SEMrush’s best tools for outreach include the ability to create and save outreach emails as templates.

SEMrush – Get an extended trial for free

Semrush provides a standard 7-day trial at free. However, for a limited period of time, you could be eligible to receive an extended 14-day trial.

You can test all the features and get all the data it offers.

 Access the full free test can be found here. 

Broken link building

Broken links are an important SEO tactic.

This is done by locating a broken URL (i.e. You will need to find an unreliable hyperlink that doesn’t link anywhere.

This will allow you to create backlinks for your content. This allows you to create backlinks to your site. The more backlinks you have more your website will rank in search.

Semrush’s broken-link building feature is more difficult to “get at” than I would like.

To run a backlink analysis report, navigate to the “indexed” pages section and click on the “target errors” option. The Excel or CSV file can be then sort or filter in order to locate the errors 404. broken links.

While it’s a bit difficult, you can import broken links into Semrush along with appropriate email addresses. You can also use the CRM ‘pipeline’ approach or a connected mailbox to do outreach.

There are still areas to improve. Ahrefs can click the “broken Links” button, which returns a list containing all broken links, both inbound and outgoing, for that domain.

User interface and simplicity

Semrush’s interface is very similar to Ahrefs and Moz, with a menu on the left that you can use to access functionality on your right.

You can group the menu options in useful categories like keyword and competitive research, rank tracking, link building and rank tracking.

It can be overwhelming to understand all the information, even though there is plenty. However, you will soon become familiar with it.

Semrush’s visualization of data can help users to overcome the feelings of overwhelming data. Most metrics are plotted in a manner that makes it easier to comprehend the data.

Semrush would love to have a better interface that works with smartphones. The interface isn’t as responsive in the current versionThis means that if you sign in with a smartphone to Semrush it will show the normal desktop interface. This means that you can only read small portions and require more pinching and zooming.

SEMrush requires a lot more zooming, pinching and scrolling in order to be used on smartphones.

Semrush’s mobile application gives you access to your position tracking dataThat is a plus. However, mobile access to all Semrush features would be an excellent addition.

SEMrush’s mobile application for rank tracking

Semrush’s interface is simple and simple to use. You will however need to be able to use a desktop computer in order to make the most of it.

Value and pricing

 semrush is more expensive than other types’ of ‘SaaS‘ apps (software as a service).

This is quite understandable since you are paying not only for the functionality, but for access large quantities of data that could include a large amount of data from your competitors.

Semrush is offered in three pricing options.

  1. Pro: $199.95 per month
  2. Guru: $229.95 per Month
  3. Business: $449.95 per month

You can also use the ‘Custom platform. This platform permits corporate customers to design their plans with more flexibility on reports and queries.

Semrush provides a trial period for free to anyone who would like to try it before purchasing plans. Semrush also provides 14 days of trial for free. It is available here. This trial is comparable with other trials offered by rivals. It’s shorter than Ahrefs (7-day trial) however it’s more expansive than Moz (30-day free span>

To take advantage of the full test experience, you will need credit card information. This is a standard procedure in SEO tools.

Semrush costs are similar to the fees of Majestic’s key rivals Majestic, Majestic, Moz and Ahrefs. Majestic offers a lower monthly plan at $49 per month but it is significantly less functional than its entry-level plans.

The Semrush Plans differ in the following ways:

The maximum amount of reports that you are able to run per day

The maximum number of keywords you are able to track in a given month

 Access to Tools for marketing content 

Access to Historical data

Make more money out of your cash.

Let’s have a close look at certain aspects of the pricing structure and find out if Semrush is a good price for the money.


Semrush is a shambles pricing structure. Semrush will cost an additional $45- $100 per user in order to grant access to Semrush to more people within your organization, depending on the plan.

The negative contrast applies to all Semrush competitors who increase the number seats as they climb the pricing ladder or cost more for additional seats.

This could be a problem for your company. Semrush offers the Custom plan. As the name implies, this allows for you to negotiate prices for a solution that includes a custom number or users.


Semrush can only be used only for domains designated as projects. Site audits, backlink audits and tracking of position are the most important features that fall under this category.

The amount of projects you are able to manage in a Semrush plan will impact the amount of projects you can manage.

Although these limitations aren’t necessarily a problem for every business, it is something to be aware if you have multiple sites you need to manage SEO or perform a lot in competitor analysis.

Requests for reports

Semrush provides a wide range of reports that it is able to send daily. This allows you to receive 3,000 domain analysis reports per day even on the entry-level plan. This is higher than the 175 reports you could run each week on Ahrefsthe basic plan.

This generosity continues as you climb the price ladder: The daily limit on reports for Semrush’s $449.95 plan is 10,000. Ahrefs‘ $399 plan, has a limit of 1750 for each workweek.

Competitive intelligence and add-ons

Semrush is a program that lets you compare websites with other users. However, this feature is only available through the purchase of the ‘Trends’ add-on.

What you will get when you purchase it

Market Explorer Market participants, market share and consumer behavior.

Analytics of trafficinteraction of visitors with traffic sources, desktops and traffic audience overlap, historical information, geographic information.

The cost of the add-on is $200 per month. This is a bit disappointing. It could be more expensive than other plans.

Local SEO options are subject to an additional fee.

Two local SEO add-ons are available Basic location costs $20 per month, and  Premium location costs $40 per month.

Both let you:

Distribute business information to directories

suppress duplicate listings

Track local rankings

Manage Google My Business listings

User reviews and suggestions

Premium version includes a “local Heatmap” which allows you compare your business with other local companies in Google Maps. Semrush interface also allows you to respond directly to reviews.

Data – PPC

Semrush is more effective than the competition when you are involved in both SEO projects as well as PPC campaigns.

Semrush offers more PPC data than any other tool. While other tools offer basic CPC figures for certain terms, Semrush provides detailed CPC competition and distribution information, live ads, and PPC campaign planning tools.

Customer support

Search Tools for Optimizing Engines like Semrush are complicated and require a lot assistance.

Semrush offers three ways to get customer support. This contrasts with other services, such as Moz that doesn’t provide telephone support.

Semrush is unlike other SaaS applications in that it makes it easy to locate its contact details. A help chatbox is located on the bottom of each page, and a number is prominently displayed at the bottom of every page.

We don’t require you to read our help pages prior to providing you with a phone number. Our assistance is instantaneous.

Conclusion of the Semrush Review

Semrush is an excellent SEO tool. Semrush provides all the information needed for running an effective SEO program. The former lets you build backlinks with a ‘CRM’ approach and the latter offers you a checklist of methods to boost technical and on page SEO.

What are the main disadvantagesWhat main downsides?

The fact that certain intelligence features of competitive Intelligence cannot be unlocked using a $200 per monthly add-on is a bit disappointing.

Semrush is a powerful tool that can aid in improving the search engine ranking. Take a free test here. Here’s a brief summary and information about Semrush.

Overall score: 4.3/5

Semrush The advantages

It is easy to use

Semrush makes domain analysis easy. You have all the information you require in one place.

Semrush is simple to use and offers large amounts data. The interface shows the metrics in a clear manner using visualisations and graphs.

Semrush has excellent link-building capabilities. It has CRM-like features that will assist you in outreach.

The function for analyzing websites of the software gives you easy-to follow instructions to improve the technical SEO.

Semrush offers an extensive range of PPC data along with organic search data.

Semrush’s reports are much more extensive than its competitors.

There are three channels of support available: chat, phone and email. This is more extensive than rivals Ahrefs or Moz (especially Moz).

It is possible to avail a 14-day trial no cost this is an important advantage over some of its rivals.

The disadvantages of using semrush

It only provides data only for Google. Ahrefs however, provides data which can be utilized by many search engines.

Semrush plans only allow only one account per user. Additional seats may be purchased at an extra cost.

A project can only contain certain key characteristics. Semrush limits the number of projects you are able to simultaneously run.

Competitive analysis features can be purchased for an additional $200 per calendar month.

Building broken links isn’t as easy as you imagine.

Although it is helpful, the free trial requires you to enter your credit card details before accessing it.

It’s difficult to use Semrush on a mobile device because the interface isn’t’responsive’.

Alternatives to Semrush

Majestic, Ahrefs and Moz are Semrush’s main competitors. We haven’t yet reviewed each of them however, we have a comparative of Ahrefs vs Semrush. Semrush seems more flexible with regards to user accounts. If you require access to an SEO tool that is accessible to multiple users One alternative could be more suitable.

GrowthBar can help you rank higher in search engine results. It’s much less expensive than other tools.

You can access the trial period of five days for GrowthBar here. We also have a GrowthBar review here

The very best!

 Questions or comments regarding Semrush ? Comment below to tell us about it.