Seo Powersuite Vs Semrush

Semrush: What exactly is it?

Semrush, as its name suggests, is a tool that optimizes your website for search engines.

It was founded in 2008 by Oleg Schchegolev and Dmitry Melnikov. According to the company, it’s utilized by more than 7 million people and is one of the most commonly utilized SEO tools.

Semrush gives you lots of information that can be used to simplify your life.

What are people looking for on the internet?

Create web content that draws in viewers

Find link-building opportunities

Your website can be improved to improve the search engine rankings.

Semrush For instance, Semrush can provide keyword suggestions based on the phrases you entered. These suggestions can be used by you to write posts that rank high in results from a search.

It also indicates the difficulty it has to rank for specific keywords.

It will suggest websites to visit in order to get backlinks.

It permits the user to conduct an SEO audit on their website to determine whether you are able to implement technical changes that improve search engine results.

This is just the beginning. Semrush provides many additional features to improve your website’s visibility in search results.

These benefits will also be discussed below. I will point out all their benefits.

Let’s go! Let’s look at domain analysis.

Seo Powersuite Vs Semrush

Domain analysis

 An initial domain analysis is vital for all SEO initiativesIt provides a an overview of the domain’s quality from an SEO standpoint.

Domain analysis is typically performed on your site to identify SEO opportunities, or even on your competitor’s to determine how difficult it will be to be ranked higher in search results.

To determine if it’s worth contacting the owner of your website to ask for links to your website, a domain analysis can be conducted. External hyperlinks (or “backlinks”) to quality websites that are that are related to your content could dramatically improve search engine performance.

Semrush makes domain evaluation easy. Simply type a domain URL to the ‘domain overview section where you’ll get a quick analysis of its performance in search results.

Keyword research in Semrush

Keyword research generally is around:

It’s possible to determine the number of people looking for a particular keyword.

It is crucial to know how difficult it may be to rank for keywords.

Find out who ranks for your keyword.

Get ideas for others

Semrush makes searching for all the information you require easy.

Basic keyword data access

Utilize the “Keyword Overview” Tool to get basic statistics on keywords within Semrush.

You’ll be able see:

The number search results this keyword is able to receive on Google each month

Its “keyword difficulty score”

A list of websites that rank for it.

Here are some suggestions for keywords you could think about making use of instead

Similar to analysis of domains can be carried out for each country.

Keyword suggestions

You can utilize Semrush’s “Keyword Magic” option to receive specific keyword suggestions based upon the phrase you’ve entered.

It could be easier to use, by naming it “Keyword Suggestions.” While the name “Keyword Magic” might seem a bit vague at first, once you reach this area of Semrush your life will become much easier.

The list of keywords that are relevant to your search term will be displayed. To sort these keywords you have several choices.

The keyword problem

The monthly average of keywords that are searched for

Google Ads’ cost per click to display keywords in search results.

Overall, the keyword difficulty tool from Semrush provides all the information you need in order to make informed decisions about which keywords you should target for your SEO project.

There is still a lot to be done. Data is not available for other searches than Google. It would make it more useful to have data for other search engines.

Google still dominates searches (92 percent at the time of writing according Statcounter), but other search engines are enjoying some market share in specific regions (in the US for instance)

Moz Ahrefs and other competitors let you gain access to Bing data. Ahrefs also provides YouTube search data which can be very valuable for video makers.

Semrush’s Content Market Toolkit

Semrush provides keyword research tools as well as a suite of tools for marketing content (as long as you have a Guru plan or greater).

These are

Discover new topics to discuss

SEO perspective: Audit your content.

Identify keywords your commentators are using in posts

Monitor brand mentions

My favorite feature in Semrush’s content marketing toolkit is the “SEO writing assistant”. You can copy and paste material into Semrush to read. Semrush lets you create copy, and receive immediate feedback.

 When you do this, you will get suggestions on ways to improve your content’s search engine performance

It would be great to just copy and paste your website’s URL in the browser to get these suggestions. It is difficult to copy and paste.

Tracking rank

“Rank Tracking” or “position Tracking” is a method of tracking the performance of your site over time in search engines using a specific keyword.

This is very simple to set-up within Semrush. Visit the position tracker section, and enter your domain name. The report will show the position of your website for each key phrase.

With more information in Semrush, you can monitor your progress to rank higher for specific phrases.

Semrush can also allow the transfer of information from websites of competitors to its position tracker. This allows your website to be compared to other websites for selected keywords.

Finally, you will receive regular email updates about your rank tracking progress, such as email notifications telling when a piece of content is dropped from the top 10 results for a specific phrase.

Overall, Semrush’s position tracking functionality is excellent.

Analyse backlinks

 It determines how well a website performs in search engine results based on the number and quality of its ‘backlinks‘.

 Semrush offers two options for looking at backlinks: one is to utilize ‘backlink analysis’ and one is to conduct a backlink audit

Analyse backlinks

Semrush’s “Backlink Analytics” section allows you to enter a domain name to view a list all backlinks that it has found.

 The section can also be viewed here: 

Anchor text for every backlink Top-level distribution of domains (how many links,.org., Information on your IP address for your site. This information lets you know which domains have gained backlinks and the value of these linksThis information can be used to improve your SEO efforts or gain insight into the activities of competitors.

Backlink audits

 An Audit of Backlinks is another way of looking at backlinks in Semrush. It is used to assess the’site health and the toxicity‘ of backlinks that point to your site

Semrush Link Building

Semrush’s link building tool is one of its most distinctive features.

Link building, or the process of having other websites linked to your website, is key to the success of any SEO project. SEO engines reward websites with more links by giving them higher search results positionsSo as they originate from high-quality, relevant websites span>

Semrush’s tool for link building works by

Find out about your competitors and where they rank.

Examining the content of your site

You will be required to provide the keyword for

Then, it will compile a list of potential websites that it believes are worthwhile to contact in order to obtain an affiliate link or guest post.

SEMrush Domain prospects This tool allows you to connect your email address to Semrush and allows you to send out outreach emails right from the program.

The development of each approach can be tracked with CRM.

SEMrush’s best tools for outreach include the ability to create and save outreach emails as templates.

SEMrush – Get an extended trial for free

Semrush’s standard free trial of seven days is valid for seven days. For a short period, however, you can get a 14-day trial extension.

You can test all the features and get all the information it offers.

Get an extended free trial

Broken link building

Broken Link Building is a crucial SEO strategy.

This is done by finding broken hyperlinks (i.e. You’ll need to locate an unreliable hyperlink that does not link to anywhere.

This lets you build backlinks that point to your content. As we’ve already discussed, the more backlinks that point to your site, the more effective your content will be in search.

Semrush’s broken-link building feature is more difficult to “get at” than I would like.

It is necessary to run a backlink analyze report, navigate to the “indexed” pages section, select the “target errors” option, and finally export the results in Excel or CSV format. The file can be filtered or sorted to find the 404 errors i.e. broken links.

While it isn’t easy, broken links are able to be imported to Semrush. You can also do your outreach on Semrush using a linked mailbox or pipeline approach to CRM mentioned earlier.

There are still improvements to be implemented. Ahrefs lets you hit the “broken Links”, which provides an inventory of broken outgoing or inbound links for the domain.

Simple user interface

Semrush’s interface is very similar to Ahrefs and Moz, with a menu on the left that you can use to access functionality on your right.

You can categorize the menu choices into categories that are useful, such as keyword research, competitive research, link building and rank tracking.

It may appear overwhelming at first, as there’s many things to think about. But, you’ll soon get used to it.

Semrush’s data visualization will help you get rid of the feeling of overload. Numerous metrics can be visualized in an easy-to-understand manner.

Semrush would like to have a better interface that works with smartphones. Semrush’s interface isn’t as responsive to mobile devices as it does. Mobile users will only see the standard desktop interface once they sign into Semrush. This means that you will only be able to view small quantities of text. There is also a lot more pinching, zooming, and looking at the screen.

SEMrush needs lots of zooming, pinching and scrolling to be used on smartphones.

The positive side is that Semrush offers a mobile app that lets you track your location. However, it would be ideal to have mobile access to all of the other Semrush features.

SEMrush’s mobile application for rank tracking

Semrush is simple to use and intuitive. To get the most out of Semrush, you’ll need an operating system for your desktop.

Value and pricing

 Semrush may cost more than other types  SaaS-based apps.

It is normal that you are not only paying to access functionality but also large amounts information. This data includes a lot more information from your competitors.

Semrush is available at three different costs:

  1. Pro: $199.95 per month
  2. Guru: $229.95 per Month
  3. Business: $449.95 per month

There is also the ‘Custom platform. This platform allows corporate customers to design their plans and have more flexibility in reporting and queries.

Semrush provides a trial period for free to anyone who would like to try it before purchasing plans. The company offers a 14-day trial for a trial for free. It is available here. This trial is comparable with other trials offered by competitors. It’s shorter and more flexible than Ahrefs’ (7 day paid trial), but is more generous than Moz (a free 30-day span>

You’ll require your credit card information to avail the full-featured trial. This is a frustrating practice when using SEO tools.

Semrush’s costs are comparable with Majestic, Majestic and Moz, Ahrefs. Majestic however has a monthly plan that costs $49 but is less efficient than its basic plans.

Semrush plan differences are:

The limit on the number of reports you are able to make each day

The number of keywords that are tracked each month

 Access to Content marketing tools 

 Access historical data 

You get more for your dollars.

Let’s take a close glance at the pricing structure and determine whether Semrush provides a good price for money.


Semrush is a shambles pricing structure. Semrush will charge an additional $45 to $100 per user to give access to Semrush to more people within your organization, depending on the plan.

This is in stark contrast to Semrush’s competitors who tend to increase the number or cost less for more seats.

It could be a problem with your organization. Semrush may be able to offer a Custom Plan. As the name suggests, you can negotiate pricing for a solution which includes a custom number, or user.


 Semrush only works with domains that have already been identified as projects. Key features that are included in this category are backlink audits, position tracking and site audits.

The number of projects that you can manage per Semrush plan will impact the number of projects.

Although these limitations aren’t necessarily a problem for every business, it is something to be aware if you have multiple sites you need to manage SEO or perform a lot in competitor analysis.

Requests for reports

Semrush has a generous limit on the amount of reports it can send per hour. Even with the entry-level plan, you can pull 3,000 domain analyses reports per day. This is far more than the 175 reports you can run per week on Ahrefs basic plan.

As you climb up the pricing ladder, this generosity is not over: Semrush daily limit on reports for its $449.95 plan of 10,000 is; Ahrefs $399 plan has a limit of 1750 per week.

Competitive intelligence and add-ons

Semrush is a tool that lets you compare websites with other users. However, this feature is only available by purchasing the  add-on ‘Trends.

This is the format you get when you buy it.

Market Explorer (market participants, market shares and the audience age, gender, behavior seasonal peak, etc.

Statistic regarding traffic (visitor interaction with traffic sources, mobile and desktop users audience overlaps and historical data and geo-information).

The add-on costs $200 per months and is a bit disappointing. This add-on can sometimes be more expensive than other plans.

If you wish to utilize local SEO, you’ll have to pay an additional fee.

Two local SEO add-ons are offered Basic location costs $20 per month, and  Premium location costs $40 per month.

Both are available to you:

Distribute business information to directories

suppress duplicate listings

Track local rankings

Manage Google My Business and Facebook Listings

Review user reviews and make suggestions

Premium version offers a ‘local Heatmap‘ that allows for users to compare their business to other businesses within your area in Google Maps. The Semrush interface allows you to immediately respond to reviews.

Data – PPC

Semrush could provide more valuable than its competitors when utilized in conjunction with SEO and PPC.

Semrush offers more PPC information than other tools. While other tools provide basic CPC figures for certain keywords, Semrush provides detailed CPC competition and distribution information, live ads, as well as PPC campaign planning tools.

Customer support

SEO tools like Semrush can be complex and require a lot of assistance.

 Semrush offers three support channels for customers: chat, phone and email. 

Semrush has made it easier than many other SaaS products to locate its contact details. The bottom of every page is a chat box, and the footer shows a phone number.

We don’t require you to read our help pages prior to giving you a number. We are able to assist you immediately.

Conclusion of the Semrush Review

Semrush is a great SEO tool. It provides all the data that you require to run a successful SEO campaign. Semrush’s standout features include the ability to build links and auditoring tools. The first allows you to create backlinks in a “CRM” fashion while the second offers a list of easy ways you can enhance the technical SEO and on-page SEO.

What are the main disadvantages? The main negatives?

little disappointing is the fact that some features of competitive intelligence cannot be unlocked by a $200 per month add to.

Semrush is a great tool that will aid in increasing your search engine rankings. You can download an extended trial for free here. Below, you will find information about the pros and cons of Semrush and also details about other SEO products.

Overall rating:

Semrush What are the benefits?

It is generally simple to use.

Semrush helps you conduct domain analysis with ease. You have all the information you need in one location.

Semrush offers a wealth of data but is easy to use. The interface makes it easy to see the metrics using graphs and visualizations.

Semrush’s link building functionality is exceptional. Semrush has CRM-like features which can help you in outreach.

The auditing feature for websites of the program provides simple guidelines on improving the technical SEO as well as other elements of your site.

Semrush provides a broad variety of PPC-related data in addition to the organic search data.

Semrush’s reports are much more extensive than its competitors.

 There are three ways to support available: chat, phone and email

It is possible to get a 14 day trial for free. This is an advantage over your competitors.

The cons of semrush

It provides only data only for Google. Ahrefs is another tool that provides data for a variety of search engines.

Semrush plans offer only one account per user. Additional seats can also be purchased for a high price.

Certain key features can only be found as part of a ‘project‘. Semrush limits your ability to run multiple projects at once.

Competitive analysis features can be purchased for an additional $200 per calendar month.

Broken link building isn’t as simple as you would imagine.

Although it is helpful, the free trial requires you to enter your credit card details before accessing it.

It’s difficult to use Semrush on a mobile device because the interface isn’t’responsive’.

Alternatives to Semrush

Majestic and Ahrefs are the main rivals to Semrush. We are yet to test all of them but you can find an analysis of Ahrefs with Semrush. Semrush offers a more user-friendly account system, however when you have a lot of users and need to use an SEO tool, Semrush may be more adaptable.

GrowthBar is a brand-new tool that helps you get higher rankings in search engines. It’s also less expensive than other products.

Here’s a link to a 5-day GrowthBar trial. We also have a GrowthBar review here.

The very best!

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